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1. Who will perform the translation?
Translations are performed only by professional linguist translators with more than ten years' worth of work experience and industry-specific degrees. We always consult corresponding industry sector specialists for proofreading and editing of specific texts in order to ensure translation accuracy.

2. What sort of quality assurance do you offer?
The best kind of assurance is our spotless reputation, positive customer feedback and ever-growing amount of regular customers. We perform mandatory quality control at every step of the work and a four-eye principle check. In our work, we use professional terminology databases, acquired over many years. This allows us to perform competent translations, taking every industry-specific nuance into account.

3. Which format can the text for translation be provided in?
The source material can be provided in any electronic format convenient for you.

4. Do you use machine translation?
No. "Lacerta Translation Services" does not use machine translation, as it is not meant for professional translation and cannot ensure the necessary translation quality.

5. Can notary certification of a document be ordered?
Yes, notary certification of documents is available for ordering.

6. How do I order a translation?
You will need to send us the text for evaluation, either via e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or a via a request on the website. It is also necessary to provide your contact information, translation topic and preferable completion date. After receiving the request, our specialists will contact you as soon as possible.

7. Are there discounts for large volumes of translation?
Yes, we have a discount system for large translation orders. We also have a flexible discount system for corporate customers that provides for long-term cooperation and is calculated individually for each customer.

8. Can you provide an interpreter?
Yes, we do provide interpreters for work in your office, on exhibitions, presentations, negotiations, etc.

9. Completion period
Generally, the translation of the order is started upon within an hour after is confirmation. We guarantee that the due date agreed upon will be met.

10. How do I receive the completed translation?
The completed translation is sent to the customers via e-mail; otherwise some other, more appropriate method is agreed upon.

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