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"Lacerta Translation Services" translation agency was founded in 2009. We provide text translation services at professional level. Our specialists work with more than 20 languages. Our company possesses extensive terminological databases on various topics.

Quality is our primary criterion.

We believe that quality is the foundation of trust between the customer and the translator. We hold the trust of our customers above all else. This is the reason why we work only with professional translators with appropriate qualifications and long-term experience.

Our recruitment system is aimed towards qualified translators with degrees in philology, as well as special education – legal and economic, for example. The translators are divided in accordance with their specialist area and language competence. This is why each specific order is completed by the specialist competent in that particular area, who is capable of completing the work in a good and workmanlike manner.

Individual approach, meeting of deadlines, confidentiality.

The entire process of the completion of the order from beginning to the moment of delivery to customers is planned by the project manager. He or she selects the most appropriate contractors who meet the necessary demands of the order, negotiates the completion date, is responsible for quality control and maintains contact with the customers over the duration of work on the order. Quality control is performed for each order at every step with accordance to the four-eye principle.

The services provided by "Lacerta Translation Services" are organised in a manner that allows for maximum adaptation for the demands of the customer. The most significant requirements are fast service and timely completion of the orders. We offer our clients flexible cooperation conditions and extensive order processing possibilities.

All data entrusted to us is securely protected from third parties and is kept strictly confidential.

We offer optimal prices for our services.

There are special, favourable terms for corporate customers that provide for long-term cooperation and are calculated individually for each customer. We also offer a system of discounts for large translation orders.

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